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Ref: 2015/184                                                  Date: 25.05.15
The Office Bearers/ Central Committee Members/ State Body Chiefs
Dear Sir
                RE: PROTEST DAY ON 25-05-2015
As per the decision taken, PROTEST DAY was observed and demonstration was organised at Azad Maiden, Mumbai on 25th May, 2015 in view of Zero Allocation for retirees in the settlement signed  and non- fulfilment of any of the promises in the settlement  made by unions for retirees.
2. It was attended by more than 2000 retirees from Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc despite very hot weather and very short notice for the programme The memorandum to be submitted to IBA registering protest against raw deal given in the settlement to the retirees was approved unanimously and signed by the retirees present in the rally.
3. In the afternoon the memorandum was handed over to the Chairman, IBA , Shri T.M.Bhasin in the presence of  other members of  managing committee. The Chairman asked CEO ,IBA to look into the memorandum. The delegation of AIBRF who submitted the memorandum was consisting of the President, Shri S.M.Deshpande, Vice Presidents, Shri D.A.Masdekar and Ashok Patil General Secretary, Shri S.C.Jain and Dy. Gen. Secy. Shri R.S.Desai
4. Thereafter, We held preliminary discussion with the CEO who assured that after going through the memorandum  the next meeting would be held with our representatives after some time.
                      With Regards
                                                        Yours Sincerely
                                                           ( S.C.JAIN )
                                                   GENERAL SECRETARY

We all endorse contents of the memorandum and append our signature for the same
SN       NAME                               BANK                            SIGNITURE

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Memorandum of Settlement

10th Bipertite full circular

Circular No. 11/VI/2015
May 25, 2015
Dear Comrades
31 months of long journey commenced on 30 th Oct
2012 has ultimately ended by inking the 7th Joint
note in the Banking Industry today at Mumbai,
benefitting 3,04,090 Officers.
IBA team was led by Shri T M Bhasin , Chairman IBA
(CMD Indian Bank), Shri Ashwini Kumar, Chairman Sub
Committee on Officers’ demands/issues & CMD Dena Bank,
, Shri Shyam Srinivasan CEO Federal Bank, Shri Animesh
Chauhan MD & CEO OBC, , Shri Ashwini Mehra DMD SBI,
Shri M V Tanksale CEO IBA, Shri K Unnikrishnan Dy CEO
IBA, Shri K S Chauhan Senior Vice President, HR & IR IBA
besides back up team of HR Dept members of IBA.
AIBOA team was led by Com Alok Khare, Vice
Chairman, Com S S Shishodia President, Dr Kumar
Arvind Vice President, Com M A Srinivasan Dy Gen
Secy, Com S N Dutta Dy Gen Secy, Com G
Gunasekaran Treasurer, Com Narendra Kotiawala Jt
Secy besides the undersigned .
After the brief exchange of pleasantries on the
happy occasion of concluding the discussions on the
wage revision and service conditions of the Bank
men, reiterating the concern to protect , promote
and preserve the Public Sector Banks and work
towards strengthening and raising to standard of
participation of the banks in Nation Building
Exercises, in midst of mounting NPAs, due to
economic conditions in our country. Then the
representatives of the unions and IBA inked the
Joint Note, thus ended the long drawn process of
wage negotiation in the industry.
The salient features of the Joint Note signed are :
a) a] Shifting the system of arriving at the wage load
on Pay slip components instead of the earlier
exercise of total overall load on establishment
b) b] Due to the capping of 2% over 60.15% DA
merger with the existing Basic Pay for the purpose
of construction of new Basic Pay, a new element/
component with a nomenclature as “Special
Allowance attracting DA” is introduced. A minimum
of 9.75% uniform increase has been ensured to all
Officers in the industry.
c) c] The frozen CCA of earlier Joint note has been
defrezed /enhanced this time, as there was a
demand by AIBOC to merge with HRA like
workmen, in the earlier Joint Note exercise in 2010.
Only 54% of Officers are getting CCA.
d) d]The quantum of HRA due to 163.335% rise in the
existing basic pay would automatically enhance the
HRA. Still, we have added 0.5% in all three areas
benefitting 55% of the Officers in the industry.
e) e ] There is an increase in FPP, PQP and also in the
medical aid available yearly.
f] AIBOA, in its silver jubilee conference held at
New Delhi in February 2006, realizing the ever
increasing workload of Officers gave a call for “
Regulated working hours” and “5 days a week”. Now
keeping the interest of “GENNEXT” Officers in mind
on whose shoulders the burden of building the
public sector banks rests, 2 nd and 4 th Saturdays
will be declared as holidays and in lieu of it 1st and
3rd Saturdays will be full working days. 5 th
Saturday of the month will be full working day. It
was assured on 23 rd Feb 2015, while drawing the
MOU, after 6 to 12 months, subject to review, the
matter would be revisited. Hence the vision of late
Com “RJS” is fulfilled to quench the thirst of the
new generation of Bank Workers to initiate new
process of work – life balancing exercise to a great
extent. This is another great achievement of AIBOA.
g) g] Insurance backed hospitalization was also
brought as a part of the settlement to the total
workforce of the industry except to SBI workforce.
It is going to be a new experiment, however the
workforce in the industry has to deal with the Bank
To put in a nutshell, a per capita increase of Rs
80,720/= per annum is available. A unique step
forward has been made in the matter of D & A
regulations and regulated working hours for
Officers. The process has been set in motion. Other
issues pertaining to the Officers’ community has to
be taken forward after discussing the same in our
central committee. The issues raised on behalf of
the retirees has not progressed well but a record of
proceedings was signed by all the Negotiating
Unions to work out the ways and means to address
the pressing problems.
IBA has agreed to advise the Banks to release the
arrears from 01.11.2012 to 31.05.2015 at the earliest.
AIBOA secretariat which met at Mumbai has decided to call
upon the Officers for a 4% levy after tax to be shared
equally between base/State/All India Federation and
AIBOA. In addition an amount of Rs 1000/ = may please be
paid to “AIBOA Unorganised Sector Relief Fund” as a good
will gesture, to fulfill the dream of Late Com RJS . We call
upon the members and units to fulfill the financial
obligations without fail, as this is a main fulcrum to keep
the “Tarak Institute” in perfect condition.
The role played by Com D Raja, M P on 18.02.2015
setting the stage to clinch the wage settlement to 8
lacs workforce by leading the delegation of “AIBEA
& AIBOA” principal Office bearers to The Hon
Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley was noteworthy.
Our red salute to the sterling role played by him in
our industry.
Congratulations!! Your unflinching loyalty to AIBOA
and its role to achieve a meaningful wage
settlement is once again demonstrated .
Yours Comradely
Encl: Annexure
1. Scale of Pay:
Scale I : 23700 - 980 (7) – 30560 -1145 (2)
- 32850-1310 (7) - 42020
Scale II : 31705 – 1145 (1) – 32850
– 1310 (10) - 45950
Scale III : 42020 – 1310 (5) – 48570 –
1460 (2) - 51490
Scale IV 50030 – 1460 (4) – 55870 –
1650 (2) - 59170
Scale V : 59170 – 1650 (2) – 62470
– 1800 (2) - 66070
Scale VI : 68680 – 1960 (4) - 76520
Scale VII : 76520 – 2120 (4) – 85000
Scale I 4 increments once in 3 years
Scale II 4 increments (3 increments once in 3 yrs &
1 increment after 2 yrs) DOE – 01 5 2015.
Scale III 5 increments (4 increments once in 3 yrs &
1 increment after 2 yrs) D O E – 01 05 2015
Scale IV 1 increment once in three years DOE 01 05
3. D A @ 0.10% for every 4 points rise.
4. H R A : from 01.11.2012
Major A: 9%
Area I : 8%
Others : 7%
5. C C A from 01.11.2012:
Area I: 4% MAX Rs 870
Others: 3% MAX Rs 600
6. Special allowance from 01.11.2012:
Scale I to III 7.75% + DA
Scale IV & V 10% + DA
Scale VI & VII 11% + DA
7. PF from 01.11.2012 10%
8. Medical Aid: Scale I to III: Rs 8000/=
IV & above: Rs 9050/=
9. Recovery of House /Furniture Rent :
0.75% and 0.15% of the first stage of Basic Pay.
10. FPP from 01.11.2012:
Basic Comp DA Total
1310 143 1453
1460 159 1619
1650 180 1830
1800 196 1996
1960 214 2174
2120 231 2351
11. PQP from 01.11.2012:
Part I: Rs 670 pm
Part II: Rs 1680 pm
12. Deputation Allowance:
Outside the organization: 7.75% max Rs 4000/= pm
Inside the organization: 4.00% max Rs 2000/= pm
13. Hill & Fuel Allowance from 01.11.2012:
1000 mtrs to 1500 mtrs: 2% Max Rs 750/= pm
1500 mtrs to 3000 mtrs: 2.5% max Rs 1000/= pm
Above 3000 mtrs: 5% max Rs 2000/= pm
14. Special Area Allowance w.e.f 01.11.2012:
15. Mode of travel:/LFC
LFC monetization: 100% of the eligible fare.
Monthly income Rs 10,000/= (aggregate of
both parents)
16. Project Area Allowance: Group A: Rs 400/ p m
Group B: Rs 350/ p m
17. Mid Academic Transfer Allowance: Rs 1100/=
p m DOE 01 6 2015
18. Split Duty Allowance:
Rs 200/= p m
19. Compensation on transfer: [D O E 01 06 2015]
Scale I to III: Rs 15000/=
IV & above: Rs 20,000/=
20. Improvements in Leave:
Special leave upto 30 days for donation of organs in
the service.
Paternity leave for 15 days
Child adoption leave maximum period of 6 months.
Privilege leave accumulation upto 270 days
encashment upto 240 days.
21. 2 nd a d 4 th Saturdays –Holidays
Notification from the Government is awaited.

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know your salary

know your salary

मेरे कुछ साथी DA की गणना अपने ही अंदाज में कर रहे हैं। उनके गणित की दाद देनी होगी।
वो कहते हैं की आज पुरानी सैलरी पर DA 110.70%है।
60.15% DA का बेसिक सैलरी में विलय हो गया।
नई बेसिक पर DA 33.70% है।
अतः110.70 के बदले 93.85% DA मिला बाकि 16.85% का सेटलमेंट के कारण नुकसान (loss) हो गया।

इस तरह की बात करने वालों ने कोई गणना नहीं की केवल सतही रूप से अपनी बात कह दी।
साथियों 60.15 % का विलय होने के पश्चात् बेसिक सैलरी 160.15% हो गई और उस पर 2% अलग से बढ़ौतरी अर्थात नई बेसिक सैलरी 163.353% हो गई। इस बढ़ी हुई 163.353 फैक्टर पर 33.70% DA मिलेगा।
गणना इस प्रकार रहेगी।
माना पुरानी बेसिक सैलरी 100
पुरना DA 110.70% 110.70
कुल पुराना वेतन। 210.70
10वें वेतन समझोते के बाद की स्थिति
माना पुरानी बेसिक सैलरी 100
60.15% DA के विलय के पश्चात्
नई बेसिक सैलरी 160.15
इस पर 2% बढ़ौतरी के पश्चात्
नई बेसिक सैलरी 163.353
163.353 पर DA 33.70% 55.110
कुल नई बेसिक +DA 218.463
इस प्रकार पुरानी बेसिक + DA=210.70 की तुलना में नई बेसिक + DA = 218.463 होगी।
इस गणना में special pay 7.75% उस पर DA 33.70% पुरानी व नई बेसिक पर HRA का अंतर PQP, FPP, transport allowance,medical aid, stagnation increments सम्मलित नहीं है। सब कुछ 15% में ही मिलना है कहीं कुछ कम तो कहीं कुछ ज्यादा।
रिटायर्ड साथियों को special pay का फायदा ना मिलने पर निश्चित रूप से नुकसान है, जिसके लिए अलग से लड़ाई लड़नी होगी।

pawan Goyal ke sojanya se

Arrear Calculation Sheet For Clersks and Subordinated

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Pension Calculation with Commutation & Without Commutation

with commutatiom

I gave an example for the pensioner before who took commutation and get the pension at last like below

for senior most employee

According to                           9th B.P.S                     10th B.P.S         if increase it was 15%
                                                Nov 2012                        Nov. 2012       Nov. 2012
Basic Pay                                       24900                        40710
Total Pay for pemsion                    28110                       45960               51770
total pay for pension                      14055                       22080               25885
1/3 commutation                              4685                        7660                 8628
2/3 remaining                                   9370                       15320               17257
DA (76.5%)/10.9%                         10752                       2504                  2821
Total Per.Month Pension               20122                        17824               20078       - 2254 loss
With DA of May 2015                  24028                        23064                25980      - 2916 (loss)


without commutation

Now take an example of a pensioner without commutation increase is only 2.72% only
for senior most employee

According to                           9th B.P.S                     10th B.P.S         if increase 15%
                                                Nov 2012                        Nov. 2012       Nov. 2012
Basic Pay                                        24900                       40710
Total Pay for pemsion                   28110                       45960               51770
total pay for pension                      14055                      22080               25885

DA (76.5%)/10.9%                        10752                       2504                  2821 
Total Per.Month Pension             24807                       25484               28706         -3222 (loss)    

Nov 2012

With DA of May 2015                  29613                        30724               34608       -3884(loss)

source bank kumar

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Wage Revision And Saturday Off

Times Of India Vadodra 23rd May 2015

The new wage revision agreement is going to be signed with the industry body Indian Banks Association (IBA) on Monday, one of the heads of the unions said on Friday.

Really it seems to be the  departure from the current practice, where employees work for half-day on Saturdays. To compensate for this, they have agreed to work full day on alternate Saturdays.

There is a news of the signatories may be the existing employees/GSs to avoid the industry level disputes.

A hike of 15% with the BP load of 2% will
which will result in an additional salary burden of Rs 4,725 crore per year to the system the sources said.
A senior IBA executive also confirmed in Mumbai that the agreement will be formally signed on Monday.

Govt seems to be positive on Saturday issue to this chill.

8th increment is effective from 01.05.2015

How Disgusting to note about the 8th Increment

1) Clarifications!! about *8th increment.

Effective from 01.05.2015.i.e. all the retirees from 01.11.2012 to 30.04.2015 will not be getting this increment even though they are eligible.

2)  All other Pay slip component will be effective from 01.11.2012*

3) No news about increasing passing powers of SWO/HC/Spl.Asst.* With effect from 01.011.201.

4) workmen employees shall be paid Special Allowance at 7.75% and applicable D.A thereon.

Note:-      The special Allowance and D.A thereon will not be reckoned for Superannuation viz., pension including contribution to NPS,PF, Gratuity.*

5) No arrears for overtime wages paid during this period i.e 01.11.2012 to 25.05.2015*

6) Halting allowance for clerk Rs.700 ,600,450/ for SS 500,400,250 All Effective from 25.05.2015.

7)  No Reimbursement of lodging expenses(like Officers), as expected.*

8)  The rates of Special Pay and the duties of Special Pay carrying posts for workmen staff in State Bank of India may be reviewed and settled at the bank level.



Senior Comrades Loosers---Pension anomaly!



1)     According to the Agreement 2% loading effect on Basic Pay which should be 15%
Senior Comrades Loosers---Pension anomaly!., the term used in Government Department.

2) Those who are retiring or going to retire after 1/11/2012 to 21/10/2017 are totally ignored of this agreement benefit but they are at loss.

3 ) Senior most employess just as Special Assisstants and Senior special Assistans in State Bank of India .
4) If B.P is loaded with 15% These employess

According to                           9th B.P.S                     10th B.P.S         if increase 15%
                                                Nov 2012                        Nov. 2012       Nov. 2012
Basic Pay                                      24900                       40710
Total Pay for pemsion                   28110                       45960               51770
total pay for pension                      14055                      22080               25885

Total Per.Month Pension               20122                       17824               20078          2254 loss

With DA of May 2015                  24028                    23064                25980             2916 (loss)

The Real Loss to the this 10th Bipertite

Senior employees ko Jo pension 9th Bipertite meiN mil rahi tha us se bhi kam ab 10th Bipertite meiN ab milegi...i.e

                                         if in B.P.S increase                if in B.P.S Increase is
                                                   is    2%  loss pm               15%  loss pm

in 9th Bipertite meiN
your pension                                 24028                                                               

in 10th B.P.S
your pensiom                                23064                                   2916

*Source Bank Kumar                                               

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Arrears Calculation For officers


Bank OFFICERS Arrear Calculation

Arrear Calculation Sheet  prepared as per details available. The user are required to input your data in the columns


Know your salary

FPP = Fixed personal pay

1.11.93 को coputerisation के बदले एक वेतन वृद्धि (increment) दी गई थी। 20वीं increment लगने के बाद कंप्यूटर increment के बदले FPP दिया जाता है जो fixed होता है उस पर DA/ HRA का लाभ नहीं दिया जाता |

PQP = Professional Qualification Pay

Graduation, JAIIB, CAIIB के लिए increments दिए जाते है।

20 increments लगने के बाद यदि FPP है तो पहले वह लगाया जाता है |

उसके बाद graduation /JAIIB, CAIIB के बदले 1 से 5 वर्ष तक PQP दिया जाता है।

PQP Basic salary ही होती है जिस पर DA HRA लगता है व PF कटता है।


Check ur arrears For Clerks

Check ur arrears details

Bank Clerical Arrear Calculation

Arrear Calculation Sheet of Non-Subordinate is prepared as per details available. The user are required to input your data in the columns - Basic Pay, HRA Rate ( Above New Rates provided against Old Rates ), TPT Allow (Old 225/275 & New 425/470 and the FPP. On signing the Joint Note/Wage settlement…

Authentic Circular-58

Officer wage GS circular No-10

Circular No.10/VI/2015/May 20, 2015/ Camp: Mumbai
Dear Comrades,
· Understanding reached on financial components of wage revision.
· 7th Joint Note to be inked on 25th May 2015 at Mumbai.
Today, the penultimate round on the current wage revision was held at IBA Office, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai at 2.30 p.m. The IBA team was led by Shri Arun Tiwari, CMD, Union Bank, Shri Ashwini Mehra, DMD, SBI, Shri M. V. Tanksale, CEO, IBA, Shri K. Unnikrishnan, Dy. CEO, IBA, Shri K. S. Chauhan, Vice President, HR & IR, IBA besides the support team of IBA.
Preceding the discussions, there was a preliminary round in which Com. Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, besides the undersigned with the other organizational representatives participated in the exercise.
CEO, IBA while welcoming the representatives of the officers organisations expressed his happiness in the matter of reaching the understandings on distribution of the financial benefits to the officers based on the MOU inked on 23rd February 2015. He emphasized the need to protect and promote the public sector banks image in the eyes of the common man of the country. He also expressed the need to take forward the message of building a sense of belonging to the members of the officers’ community. Shri Arun Tiwari, CMD, UBI was categorical that the work force needs to be satisfied first through whom the image building and the involvement to build the public sector banks would become possible. Representatives of the Four officers organisations responded positively to the observations and expressions made by the members of the IBA team. The agreed load was distributed amongst the pay slip components through mutual discussion and the chart of allocation was signed by the both the parties. The details are as under :

1. Basic Pay
Scale I -23700 - 980(7) – 30560 -1145(2)-32850-1310(7)-42020
Scale II-31705-1145(1)-32850-1310(10)-45950
Scale III-42020-1310(5)-48570-1460(2)-51490
Scale IV-50030-1460(4)-55870-1650(2)-59170
Scale V- 59170 -1650(2)-62470-1800(2)-66070
Scale VI- 68680-1960(4)-76520
Scale VII - 76520-2120(4)-85000
2. Dearness Allowance - @0.10% per slab above CPI 4440 currently - 33.70%
3. Addl Stagnation increment - Scale II – 1, Scale III-1, Scale IV-1 (periodicity once in two years)
4. CCA- Higher Area 4% - 870, Lower Area 3% - 600
5. HRA- Major A class – 9%, Area I – 8%, other places -7%
6. Medical Aid - Scale I to III – Rs.8000, Scale IV and above – Rs. 9050
7. Special Allowance - Scale I to III – 7.75%, Iv & V – 10%, VI & VII – 11% (it attracts Dearness Allowance)
The approval related to holidays on 2nd & 4th Saturdays is pending with Government Authorities for their approval and notification. Comrades, efforts are taken to give true reflection of the above in the joint note coupled with particulars related to other service conditions too. Various suggestions have been made by officers’ organizations to IBA on these matters.
We shall convey the full details of the joint notes once the same is finally inked on 25th May 2015 at Mumbai.
Yours Comradely,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Revised FPP?

What is the revised FPP ....

If the principle adopted in 9th BPS is followed this time also, new FPP (Fixed Personal Pay) will be the last increment in your revised scale plus D.A. as on 01-11-2012 (which was at 76.50% p.a.). So, the new FPP will be 1.7650 times the last increment in your revised pay scale.

Note :- 
Such employee who joined bank before 01.11.1993 are eligible for FPP. FPP contains the component of last increment before reaching maximum of the stage, Revised D.A. as on 01.11.2012 (i.e. 10.9%) and component of HRA as payable in accordance with area category. But only incremental component is considered for superannuation benefits (i.e. for PF Pension and Gratuity etc.)

Officers Pay structure

1.. BASIC PAY - SCALE – I TO SCALE- VII - RS.23700/- TO RS.85000/-

2. SPECIAL PAY - REVISED BASIC PAY X 7.75 (UPTO III); 10 (IV & V); 11 (VI &VII)/100
8. MEDICAL AID – RS 7900 (UPTO III); RS 10000 (IV & ABOVE)

Increase as on Nov 2012 Clerical

Just see the difference .....A short Course

How much Increse? (As on November 2012) on  9th B.P.S - 10th B.P.S

A person Newly Joined :- Clerical at the start Graduate

                                                                  9th B.P.S  10th B.P.S
                                                                 Nov. 2012    Nov, 2012

1. Basic                                                       8000         13075
2. Special Pay                                              500             820     

3. Spl Allownace(7.75% of                            0            1013
    Basic Pay)
4. D.A (76.5%)/10.90% on                       6120           1624 Allow.
5. H.R.A (7 %)/7.5% on                             595           1042
6. Conv. Allow.                                            225             425
7. Gross Salary                                        15440         17999

Difference                             17999-15440 = 2559
Increase                                 16.57%


At maximum Of Scale ..

                                                              9th B.P.S  10th B.P.S

                                                             Nov. 2012    Nov, 2012

1. Basic                                                     24900        40710
2. Special Pay                                             1180         1930

3. Spl Allownace(7.75% of                            0          3155
    Basic Pay)
4.   PQP (5)                                                 1230          2010 
5. D.A (76.5%)/10.90% on                      20892          5210 Allow.
6. H.R.A (7 %)/7.5% on                           1911           3348
7. F.P.A Last increment                              915           1550
+D.A& HRA on Nov.2012)
8. Conv. Allow.                                            275             470
9. Gross Salary                                       51303          58383

Difference                        58383-51303 = 7080
Increase                              13.80%

Read  DA                              HRA
Old rate  76.5%                      7%
New rate  =10.90%                7.5%

Gross Calculations ... some variations may be there

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

10th B.P.S

It is said 10th B.P.S. finalized!

But the real position is still in between..... we Bankers are fighting for a big deal...
Senior bank employees are cheated ... if its true...the last increment  w.ef. 1.5.2015

Here is the out come

Todays meeting out come:

:: Scale of pay finalized::
   Clerks: 11765 to 31540
  Substaff: 9560 to 18545
   (20 stages)

::plus 8 STAGNATION increments.
5 once in 3 years and
3 once in 2 yrs -

 ::8th stag. Inc. w.e.f.1.5.2015

 :: DA - 0.10% per slab

 :: HRA - 10%, 9% and 7.50%
   (Only 3 areas. 3rd and 4th clubbed)

 :: Transport - upto stage-15  - 425
                     stage 16 & above - 470

:: Medical - 2200

:: Spl Allowance @ 7.75% of Basic with DA thereon -
   (* New concept like Grade pay for Govt. Employees.
     It is different from Special Pay for SWO/HC/Spl.ASST )

::Settlement may be signed on 25th. May 2015

 =>Pradip Biswas/GS/BEFI

(Figures already spread in social media proved wrong)

  Detailed circular.

Gross Distribution chart

Some information from AIBEA

For the information of our Members


Today, the distribution chart has been signed between IBA and our Unions covering the allocation to various heads. Payscales and Allowances are as under:
. Pay Scales: from 1-11-2012
Clerk: 11765 – 655/3 –815/3 –980/3 –1145/7 –2120 –1310/1– 31540 – 1310 x 8 = 42,020

 Substaff : 9560 – 325/4 – 410 /5 – 490/4 – 570/3 – 655/3 – 18545 – 655 x 8 = 23785

Stagnation increments: 8 : Substaff: 8 x 2 years ; Clerk : 5 x 3 years + 3 x 2 years

. Dearness Allowance: 0.10 % per slab of 4 points over 4440 points

 . HRA : 45 lacs and above: 10 % ; 12-45 lacs & Goa : 9 % ; other centres : 7.5 %

 . Transport Allowance: upto 15th Stage : Rs. 425 and others : Rs. 470

 . Special Pay:
i) SWO-B: 820; Head cashier: 1280; Spl. Asst. 1930

 ii) Armed Guard/Bill Collector: 390; Daftary: 560; Head Peon: 740; Driver: 2370; Electrician/AC Plant Helper: 2040, Head messenger in IOB: 1630
. PQP : Rs. 410, 800, 1210 , 1620, 2010

 . FPP : Clerk: Rs. 1310 / 1580, 1570, 1550, 1550 / 1450

                                 Substaff: Rs. 655 / 790, 890, 780, 780 / 730

. Medical Aid : Rs. 2200 per year

 . Special Allowance ( new allowance ) :

 7.75 % of Basic pay; DA is payable on this allowance

The full Settlement is under preparation and is expected to be signed on the 25th May, 2015 (Monday).

 Flash: Yesterday, RBI has given its in principle ok for implementing Full holidays on 2nd and 4th Saturday. Matter is being expedited with the Government now

Signing of 10th BPS by 23rd May 2015 May Not Happen In view of Acceptance of Writ of WE BANKERS and Ignoring the Issues of Retired Bankers by IBA and UFBU-By Rajesh Goyal  -20.05.2015

New DA as per 10th BPS :

Nov-2012 10.90%
Feb-2013 13.40%
May-2013 16.00%
Aug-2013 19.20%
Nov-2013 24.00%
Feb-2014 26.50%
May-2014 24.90%
Aug-2014 28.20%
Nov-2014 33.10%
Feb-2015 33.30%
May-2015 33.70%